RobsCPNE has helped THOUSANDS of students pass since April 2008             
Current Version compliant (20 and 21st ed.) Videos/Ebooks updated 9/12/14
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UPDATES TO WEBSITE:       (current 20th edition compliant - updated 08/23/2013)
                                             ( future 21st edition compliant - updated 09/12/2014)


21st edition is now updated in the members section. If you are still studying for the 20th edition, don't
worry ! All information is available in the same place. The big change this year was to  DRAINAGE and
SPECIMEN collection. Be very careful with this one......


Quick congratulations to Mandi Pecho who passed the CPNE with NO REPEATS on her FIRST TRY....Not
even I could pull out that miracle. Congrats Mandi !


Ebook login has been placed on this homepage as well as in the Ebook tab. As a reminder, ALL Ebook
information has been placed online for easy access. Also, I would like to wish a hearty congratulations
to :

Valerie (Last name withheld per request) Date of CPNE = May 16-18, 2014
Ade Adenjii: Date of CPNE = May 16-18, 2014
Srigowri Kota: Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014
Karla Shaw; Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014
Carmen Morales; Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014
Jessica Sloan  -   Date of CPNE = May 30 - June 1, 2014
Beth (last name withheld)   -  Date of CPNE = June 27 - 29, 2014

Excellent work to all successful students ! I am very pleased to hear how everyone is doing.
Congratulations !


ALL EBOOK information has been uploaded to the website and can be viewed from ANY mobile device.
This information includes:
AOC documents: mnemonics/nursing care plans/sample documentation, Etc.,
LAB SIM documents: mnemonics/video pictures and charting tools
STUDY PARTNER information: ALL study partners in all 50 states now available for easy viewing
(currently over
1,000 students !)

If you ordered before 4.27.14 do not worry ! all uploaded information that is available online is
the exact same as what is contained in the EBOOKS.


Congratulations to Rob Peery for passing this last weekend. Excellent job, Rob


There are numerous people to congratulate that I have neglected to do so and for that I apologize - I
will be updating all very soon.  


All material is updated to the 20th edition. Some of you might be testing in the 19th until October so I
left information in there, but honestly there were not many changes that we haven't been doing
already. For a list of changes click


Another round of success stories were sent in recently - Congratulations to Teresa, Shani P.
and Stacy Keathley - All new additions to the CPNE slayers club !


It was a successful weekend for Kristen Hahl, Ryan Clifford, and Emily Barbera. Some people just
don't know when to quit and for these students, that is a good thing !


Clarification videos are fixed and ready to be viewed


Two things today -

1) Congratulations to
Aubree Mages for passing this last weekend - She is one of those 1st time
passers that I am always impressed with. It took me 2 tries to pass !

2) Their is a problem with the coding of the CLARIFICATION videos. I have my web site developer on
the case and I hope it is resolved within the next couple of days. Ok, everyone - get back to studying !


Sorry so long in updating, but congratulations to Jolene Macleod and Wilmyne Leger. If I left you out
of this round of congratulations, just drop me an E-mail and I will post your information. Also, check out
EXPERIENCES tab for Jolene's story. She was on her 3rd attempt and she made it ! Very inspiring
for all those students who might feel that this test is overwhelming.....
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